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Acumatica is an American company from Seattle, one of the world leaders in the field of cloud ERP platforms for small and medium-sized businesses.

  • Offices in the USA, Canada, Russia and Singapore
  • Customers include such brands as Pizza Hut and KFC.
  • 140+ partners worldwide Primary market is the USA


Creation of a website and improvement of the lead conversion rate in the context of increased traffic.


The underlying selling technique on the website is creating focused content for representatives of different audience segments. For example, for those who use other ERP software. The target audience of Acumatica in the USA is more than one million companies.
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The site actively uses AB-tests for different solutions and an individual approach for different groups of users. Therefore, many sections and pages were created in several versions. The engineering phase allowed us to quickly check several hypotheses at once and choose the best version for further design.
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Home page

The customer had a raft of sketchy data. It was necessary to simplify the information structure so that it became easier to absorb.
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Internal pages

A large amount of material was published: video and textual customer testimonials, webinars, a blog, articles, solutions, extensions, announcements of annual summits and much more.
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Interactive map

An interactive map visually displays the scale of the company and makes it possible to obtain the necessary information in a prompt and simple manner.
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Video testimonials

Video testimonials are a great tool to increase brand credibility and tell customers a business story.
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UI elements

We developed a detailed set of UI elements and a single structure for content blocks creation. Most of the site pages were designed subject to these rules. This solution enables easy scaling of the site in the future in response to the client’s needs.
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A good icon helps maintain visual contact with a user and emphasize the key elements. A sizeable set of 200 icons was created for the site.
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Adaptive design

The design is perfectly adaptive for all types of devices, which makes it possible to maintain a clear structure and ease of reading information.
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The development process required close trilateral interaction between the design team, the developers, and the client under the conditions of 12 hour time difference, so Skype conferences in the early morning or late evening became the norm for us.
Now we continue to evolve and improve the site following the client’s new requests, tests, as well as customer reviews.
A part of content and forms on the site was personalized through integration with Hubspot.
Wordpress was used as an engine.
The site was optimized for various devices, including Retina displays.


Mikhail Chirva
Design director
Sergey Melikhov
Elena Skachkova Tamara Sorokina
Alena Filyukhina Aleksandr Kiryanov Aleksandr Gusev Vitaly Tsygankov Elina Tsarevskaya Andrey Nasonov
Anastasia Simonova Anastasia Kulagina Kirill Belobeev Maria Izvekova Anton Dolgov Sergey Dmitrievsky Vitaly Pegov
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