B&N BANK is a reliable private financial institution, one of the largest in Russia.

  • 23+ years of continuous work
  • 98 billion rubles equity (2017)
  • 500 offices all over the country
  • 12,000 employees throughout the country


The development of a website in a comic book style promoting the "Junior Card". The primary target audience consists of children from 7 to 18 years old and their parents.


It was important to create a spectacular animation for the site, which attracts the attention of the target audience.
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Home page

The home page is made to look like a comic book page, and also contains nice animation effects.
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A page turn over effect when reading comics stirs more interest than a static picture, and attracts the target audience.
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User account

The unique style of the site is discernible on each page.
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Internal pages

Detailed guidelines and a content generation system were developed.
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Adaptive design

The website displays properly on different devices.
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We created a service that keeps records of all activities on the "Junior Card".
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The development included scenarios for several roles: bank employee, manager of an educational institution, class teacher.
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The individual menu for each role starts from a home page and makes the work with the service as simple as possible.
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The system notes the dates and the number of services used; at the end of the reporting period, the receipts are generated and issued.
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A high-quality service, prototypes and animation developed by our company for the client’s projects.
Musical background on the site "Junior Card"
Simulation of several user scenarios
UI implemented on the Material Design Framework


Vladimir Loskutov Natalya Sarafanova
Aleksandr Kiryanov Nadezhda Kandela Alena Filyukhina
Maria Izvekova Anastasia Simonova Anastasia Kulagina Vladislav Golubev
Aleksandr Ananievsky Andrey Nelyubin Aleksandr Smirnov
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