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FinExpertiza is a large audit and consulting network.

  • Since 2004, the network is among the top 10 largest Russian audit and consulting groups in Russia
  • It is the leader of the Russian market in the field of general audit and appraisal activity, according to 2010 figures
  • The network comprises 10 companies More than 1,000 people are employed


Developing a corporate website based on the brand book and prototypes. Updating the design, with an emphasis on the network’s services.


We were not satisfied with the customer's prototypes, so we decided, at our own peril, to offer a new vision of the key pages.
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More than 30 home page mockups were created.
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Home page

Most of the time was consumed by work on the design details.
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Internal pages

List of services
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About Us
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Hot Topics
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Strict design, well-structured content and correctly highlighted key points add up to a clean and intuitive user interface.
The largest amount of crimson in our history
Time-consuming search for a design solution that would satisfy both parties
Limitations on the use of beautiful pictures and icons
550 hours spent on the project

Client's review

The project is a big success! We are very meticulous about detail, but Greensight managed to fully meet all our expectations, from design and programming, to management and the overall spirit of the project. Thank you for the job well done!

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Mikhail Chirva
Sergey Sveshnikov
Stanislav Vasiliev Nadezhda Kandela Ekaterina Pavlova
Anastasia Simonova
Aleksandr Smirnov Andrey Nelyubin
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