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Leroy Merlin is an international retailer offering a wide range of products for building, home improvement, decoration and gardening.

  • 325 stores worldwide
  • 90 years of success in the market
  • 68,200 employees (in 2014)
  • 1st place among the European and 3rd place among the world DIY (do it yourself) retailers in terms of sales volume
  • 11 million visitors of the online store per month
  • 16 private labels in DIY sector


Phased launch and smooth shift from a corporate website to a full-fledged online store in Kazakhstan.

Before launch

Long before the e-commerce launch, a corporate site presenting the store and showing countdown to the opening was published.
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The new portal is designed in the consistent style and color scheme of the chain. The home page contains short messages that introduce customers to the company, and recommendations for the selection of products.
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Catalog and Product card

User interaction remained traditional for Leroy Merlin, this solution was time tested.
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Adaptive design

Instead of a mobile version (by analogy with the Russian site), we opted for the adaptive design.
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Language versions

The site is published in two language versions: Kazakh and Russian.
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On time

The new site was launched on a tight schedule to catch up with the opening of the first offline store in Almaty.
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A full-fledged representation in Kazakhstan is a combination of the best traditions and technological innovations previously implemented in other Leroy Merlin projects.

1500+ hours of work on the project
15+ subject matter experts in the project team
2 language versions
24/7 support
A plan for the further project development and movement to all the benefits and customer experience
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100+ orders for the first month
Steady operation of the system at high loads
Increased website loading speed


Anna Schetina Pavel Sitkin Yana Kalabukhova
Maria Izvekova Dmitry Kitsenko Kirill Belobeev Anastasia Simonova
Ilya Nekrasov Oleg Nikolaev Sergey Zarnitsky Alexander Nesterov Andrey Kapitanov Vladimir Maslov Sergey Isaev
Anna Nekrasova
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