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"" is the largest online store of children's goods, clothing and toys, a subsidiary project of “” – the leader in this segment in Germany.

  • 14 years of successful work in the European market
  • #1 in Germany
  • 1,100 million rubles turnover of the company's online store (2016)


Redesign of the children's goods online store.


We developed a detailed clickable prototype of the project.
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Usability engineering

On the basis of our prototype, together with Usability Factory, we tested user behavior on 16 different scenarios; the testing showed both the strengths and the weaknesses of the information architecture of the project, which helped to achieve better results in terms of usability.
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Adaptive prototype

The prototype was developed for desktop and mobile versions in four resolutions.
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The adaptive prototype allows the client to test customer behavior during the use of mobile devices.
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Our prototypes and UI design are used in the development of a new version of online store.
In-depth elaboration of prototypes (over 120 screens)
A large number of simulated user scenarios
Adaptive prototypes


Mikhail Chirva
Tamara Sorokina
Alyona Filyukhina Aleksandr Gusev
Anastasia Kulagina
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