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NLMK Group is a leading international manufacturer of high-quality steel products with a vertically integrated business model.

  • 22% of all Russian steel is produced by NLMK
  • 54 thousand people work at the Group's enterprises
  • 7.7 billion turnover in 2016
  • 70 countries import NLMK products


Building an Electronic Trading Platform with ability to place an order or submit a request for the purchase of products.

Home page

Easy access to catalog sections through informative banners, applications and category menus.
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Product Catalog

Easy-to-view information on product categories with ability to go to category pages.
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Category page

On the category page, the customer gets the detailed information on the products of the selected category, areas of application, certification and other useful information.
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A user-friendly filtering tool for quick product search; an option to see product availability in warehouses filtered as per region; recalculation of quantity in units in case of entering quantities in tons. An ability to place an order or submit a request for products.
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Customer account

In his account, the customer can track his order from its placement to delivery/pickup. The customer can view his order history, receive feedback from the manager, as well as download files uploaded by the manager.
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Orders management on the site

At the order management panel, the manager can process orders and requests from his customers, assign a vehicle to an order, download invoices and closing documents for an order, send messages to his customers.
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1. When placing an order, the customer chooses the desired date and time of delivery.
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2. The manager assigns a vehicle to the selected time/date or suggests another date.
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3. The customer either confirms or rejects the appointed date.
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Price indication

It enables the customer to quickly understand the current price level and calculate its change for a certain period.
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This section contains contacts of all departments, warehouses in the regions and a contact form.
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Usability testing

Clickable prototypes were specifically developed in accordance with 4 scenarios.

Scenario 1:
Order placement with delivery.
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Scenario 2:
Order placement with pickup.
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Scenario 3:
Order placement with delivery and a discount inquiry.
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Scenario 4:
Request submission.
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User Interface elements

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Adaptive design

Spacious design of the site makes it easy to get acquainted with the products and place a large order even through a mobile phone.
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The project was implemented in record time with high quality development and testing; it was launched in 2 phases:
Phase 1 – launch of a full-fledged showcase site.
Phase 2 – added functionality of placing an order and creating a user account for a customer as well as a manager.


Mikhail Chirva
Design director
Sergey Melikhov
Pavel Sitkin Kirill Malyshev Ksenia Inshakova Elena Skachkova Yana Kalabukhova
Nadezhda Kandela Alyona Filyukhina Anastasia Epishina Aleksandr Kiryanov Vitaly Tsygankov
Anastasia Simonova Dmitry Kitsenko Anton Dolgov Maria Izvekova Aleksandr Karpenko Kirill Belobeev
Nataliya Golubkova Vadim Leontyev Evgeny Bereza Sergey Kuchin Ilya Nekrasov Andrey Kapitanov
Anna Nekrasova
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