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Petday is an online pet supplies store with a complete range and nice prices.

  • 5,061 SKU
  • 80% of customers become regular
  • 200+ most popular brands of pet supplies


Creating an online pet supplies store.


We developed an intuitive and beautiful design concept for an online pet supplies store with an option to subscribe to recurring orders.

Home page

Pet day is a low price store, so on the first page of the site, we tried to pay the greatest attention to active special offers, incentive and recommended products, as well as the key brands.
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User-friendly product card

The feature of pet supplies is the variety of packaging for food and sizes of clothing. We found a solution that shows the entire size range at once and does not enlarge the card.
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Product catalog

In the online store Petday, 50% of all goods are sold at a discount. Therefore, we deliberately did not focus on promotional products, so as not to turn pages of the search result into a visual mess.
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Subscription to order

For regular visitors of the site, we implemented a new convenient feature – subscription to orders. It helps to remember about ending food just in time and save time on the search of product.
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Product page

Most often for the first time, the customer enters the site through a product page, so we made it as user-friendly and informative as possible.
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Adaptive design

We took into account the features of mobile and tablet versions to make their user interface as intuitive as for the main version.
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Meeting tight deadlines, we created a design concept, developed a subscription system and launched the website built from scratch.


Tamara Sorokina Sergey Melikhov
Maria Galeeva Anastasia Yepishina
Maria Izvekova Dmitry Kitsenko Vasily Lavrinenko
Aleksandr Nesterov Sergey Zarnitsky Evgeny Bereza Nataliya Golubkova Roman Spirin
Anna Nekrasova
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