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Moscow exchange is the only multifunctional exchange platform in Russia for trading stocks, bonds, derivatives, currency, money market instruments and commodities.

  • top 25 by market capitalization of shares outstanding
  • top 10 by trading volumes of bonds and fixed-term contracts
  • 740+ securities of issuers admitted to trading


The development of an online assistant for choosing an asset manager.


The project team from the designer to the testers had to grasp the exchange terminology and indicators in a short time in order to take into account all the complexities and features of the project in a full and proper manner already at the design level.
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Concept creation

Having developed several versions of the home page, we found the most convenient solution for the platform users.
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Test for investors

New investors can take a test that will help decide on an investment strategy.
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Ranking of managers

We implemented integration with a special project platform. The managers’ portfolio figures are displayed in real-time mode.
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Strategy page

Each strategy can be studied in detail and added to the comparison. Having made the choice, one can apply for the relationship.
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Comparison of asset managers

A visual comparison page was created for choosing the most interesting investment strategy.
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Orchard CMS

The solution that was eminently suitable for fast and modular launch of the website.
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In a short span of time, we developed the design, carried out comprehensive integration and launched the project.
We completed more than 360 tasks and spent 1980 hours on the project. The project included versatile integration with the Moscow Exchange systems, starting with the pass-through authentication/authorization service MOEX Passport, and ending with a special project platform providing data on portfolios, asset managers and their strategies.


Anna Shchetina Anna Shchetina
Nadezhda Kandela
Anastasia Simonova
Anton Amelin Anton Amelin
Roman Orlov
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