Sogaz is a large Russian insurance company, the leader of the same-name insurance group.

  • 25 billion rubles share capital
  • #2 in Russia by gross written premiums Gazprom is the parent company


Building e-commerce platforms for selling insurance products.


We faced the challenge of developing the insurance calculators UI from scratch while making them simple and accessible.
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We did a lot of work on creating convenient steps and forms, without overloading pages. Five calculators were developed: OSAGO motor insurance, CASCO motor insurance, Travel insurance, AD&D, Property insurance.
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The cost calculation consists of several steps and is made on one page.
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One can save the calculations and return to them later.
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An infoblock with a prompt will not leave the user with unanswered questions.
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Home page

The home page introduces the user to the main services of the company and allows quick jump to a certain section of the site.
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User account

We reconsidered the logic of the user account, got rid of popups and simplified the appearance.
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Adaptive design

The site is adapted for various types of devices.
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Insurance policies

We created pages where you can learn everything you need about the company’s services and go straight to their calculation.
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Special offers

A conversion scheme of a page grid was developed, which depends on the number of special offers posted.
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Here you can see both the active offers and the archive of the past offers.
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Page 404

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B2B and B2C e-commerce platforms created from scratch, which are a key business tool for selling Sogaz insurance products.
Easy-to-use and convenient service
Technical implementation of calculators for various scenarios
Adaptive design


Mikhail Chirva
Design director
Sergey Melikhov
Elena Skachkova Anna Bazaeva
Nadezhda Kandela
Anastasia Simonova Anastasia Kulagina
Dinar Mukhametshin Artem Bolshov
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