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Client is a project of Toyota, the first of its kind online platform for selling used cars from official Toyota and Lexus dealerships, which are located throughout the territory of the Russian Federation.

  • 15+ years in the Russian market
  • 37 international and Russian awards for high quality standards
  • 90.7% recognition of Toyota as the most favorite car brand among Russian people


Implementing a large-scale portal for selling certified, technically inspected and ready to drive used cars.


At the initial stage, the work on the development of user scenarios was carried out; the user interface prototypes were planned and built.
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We thought out and created a map of pages and links between them.
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Easy-to-understand and informative design was developed specially for easy search of used cars.

A catalog was designed with advanced filters; a car page got the options of viewing the appearance, certification, technical condition and other parameters. The additional modules developed are online communication forms, a map of locations, and a User account.
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Home page

Right on the home page, there are filters to start the search, as well as promotions and hot offers.
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Search filters

For easy navigation through the catalog and the search among thousands of certified vehicles, simple and advanced filters fixed on the left sidebar were developed. This enables the customer to specify the search parameters at any time during the visit of the site.
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Online communication

With the help of online communication forms the customer can subscribe to the new arrivals newsletter, ask questions about a car, order a call or online valuation of the car for sale.
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Car page

All cars presented on the portal are tested and certified by specialists. For every car, the actual body condition is showed on a special scheme.

3D technology is applied for showing the car interior.
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Key UI elements

A UI-Kit was created, from which the internal pages of the site were further built.
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Adaptive design

The design is based on the principles of a grid and cards, which allows the site to adapt to all types of devices: a computer monitor, a tablet and a phone.
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User account

In the User account section, one can save information about the viewed cars and the history of their comparison, add the most interesting ones to the favorites, as well as monitor the status of online communications processing.

A multifunctional User account is designed not only for customers, but also for dealers.
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The development is based on 1C-Bitrix platform. Integration with MS Dynamix AX was implemented.
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The new online platform came out informative, simple and easy to perceive, and the process of choosing and buying a used car became as intuitive as possible.
4,000 hours spent on the project
685 hours spent on design
In the future, it is possible to connect a whole chain of dealerships of multiple brands to the platform.


Mikhail Chirva
Tamara Sorokina Ksenia Inshakova
Nadezhda Kandela Aleksandr Kiryanov Alena Filyukhina Andrey Nasonov
Anastasia Simonova Anastasia Kulagina Maria Izvekova Dmitry Kitsenko
Sergey Zarnitsky Aleksandr Nesterov Vadim Leontyev Ilya Nekrasov
Anna Nekrasova
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